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Powers Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Firefight

Dawnslight is an Epic[1] in the city of Babilar who feeds the people by making fruits grow faster. He also caused the spraypaint in the city to glow and radios to run without batteries. He began operating shortly after Calamity appeared. To the people of Babilar, he is practically a god, and, due to his seeming generosity, is loved rather than feared, though no one knows for sure if he even exists.

He can communicate with people in the city by causing vines to grow fortune cookies with messages inside them[2], though this appears to be an uncommon occurrence.

In reality, Dawnslight is a permanently bedridden invalid. While very young, and before obtaining his powers, he fell into a life-long coma. For some reason, he is able to use his powers without becoming corrupted.

He was treated by a doctor in the same room as Regalia.


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