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Aliases Lincoln
Powers Epic
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)

Murkwood is an Epic formerly known as Lincoln.[1] His powers and weakness are unknown.

He was friends with Jonathan Phaedrus and Tia prior to the formation of the Reckoners. He attempted to form a superhero team alongside Phaedrus, Amala, and Abigail Reed.[1] Along with the others on the team, he would frequently observe Calamity in the sky through a telescope.[2] He eventually succumbed to the corrupting influence of Calamity and turned evil.[3] His subsequent fate is unknown, although it is possible that he is alive since the younger Reckoners know of him.[1]


  • Prof notes that Murkwood "always did love those sparking books" when discussing his Epic name.[1] This implies that his codename is a reference to Mirkwood, a forest prominently featured in J.R.R. Tolkien's work, and that Tolkien's Middle-earth stories exist in the alternate universe of the Reckoners.


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