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Knighthawk Foundry
Owner Dean Knighthawk
Products Cell phones and service, Epic-derived technologies
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Knighthawk Foundry, operated by Dean Knighthawk, is a post-Calamity technology business, and one of the only ones remaining that operate autonomously of any Epic's regime. It supplies the Reckoners, Newcago, and others with mobile phones that can work underground and other technologies. Its headquarters are in West Virginia, though it has been known to make temporary portable bases as shown in Lux.

The Knighthawk Foundry also experiments and develops other Epic-based technologies, using Epic DNA harvested by the Reckoners. One of the devices they developed was the spyril.[1]

Knighthawk is generally regarded as a safe, trustworthy mobile network. But in fact, Dean is able to read and write any message on his phones.[2]


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