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Taln Fan
Born January 24
Abilities Ramen eating
Bonded With Ramen
Skills Editing on the coppermind, writing
Profession Keeper
Species Taynix

There seems to be an impression I'm seeing sometimes that the Coppermind team is some kind of professional venture, When in fact it is less of a team and more of a herd of giraffes being vaguely pushed in a general direction by a herd of a slightly taller giraffes equipped with a map


Hi! I’m a slightly taller giraffe on the Coppermind, and I particularly work on articles from books that don’t normally get as much attention, particularly Cytoverse stuff. I’m Taln Fan or #1 Taln Fan on the forums and discord. I started out the Cosmere when my friend forced me to read The Way of Kings in summer 2020. By the end of the year I had read all of the Cosmere and most of the non-cosmere. In August of 2021 I got involved in the fandom, and shortly after started working on the Coppermind! Curse you Chaos


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User:Co-president of the Taln Fanclub/awards


Though I occasionally work on Stormlight or Mistborn articles, most of my work is on Cytoverse articles. I’ve also done a lot of work on Lux and the Original. I like to focus on completing pages, or completing history sections.

Current long term projects:[edit]

  • Complete all the pages in the DDF Flights category
  • Complete all the pages in the Epics category (long term)

Other Projects[edit]

Things I’ve Written by Myself[edit]

  • Pretty much all the Sunreach slugs
  • Several minor Epics

Pages I’ve Written Most of[edit]


Future Things to Work On[edit]


Notes to Self[edit]

  • Aunt Sydney, chapter 16? og
  • This is how you strikethrough

Questioner So, question about the Reckoners. In the beginning of Steelheart, Deathpoint kind of lazily points his finger at Steelheart. So, it didn't seem like he feared him very much at all. So, my question is, if he didn't fear him, then how come Steelheart wasn't affected by it?

Brandon Sanderson So, he didn't. He was trying to act cool. But that fear was there. At least, that's my explanation to myself. And it's part of why Steelheart makes the entrance in the way he does.

My Pages[edit]



  • My first edit was fixing recurring capitalization error in the Tumi page.
  • I’ve been on the Coppermind since August 25, 2021.
  • My 400,000th byte came while blitzing through the Cytonic summary.
  • My 500,000th byte came while making character lists for the Summary:Skyward page.
  • I don’t have a life :)
  • I became a Keeper on March 4th, 2022 though I didn’t see Chaos’s DM for a while because I was busy editing here.

DDF Flights[edit]


Summaries that need Char lists[edit]

  • Firefight
  • Calamity
  • The Dark Talent
  • Legion
  • Legion: Lies of the Beholder
  • Legion: Skin Deep


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Gill Test  
Gill is a taynix that Jorgen discovers in a cavern along with several other taynix. Gill is of the yellow and blue variety of taynix, meaning he can use his Cytonic abilities to teleport. Gill is the first taynix besides Doomslug that FM ever sees, and at first she mistakes Gill for Doomslug.[1]

Gill has blue markings down the side of his face that almost look like gills, which leads to FM naming him Gill. Gill has a quieter voice than Doomslug, at least some of the time.[1]