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Headquarters Lux
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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Sink into the shadows of death, before rising anew into the rebirth of life as my newest Raven.

—Lifeforce as he makes Briggen into a Raven[1]

The Ravens are Lifeforce's personal army. Lifeforce uses his powers as a gifter to allow his Ravens to heal themselves. The Ravens can’t die, since can regenerate limbs and heal bullet holes. They are used as ground troops when Lux raids a city, and as a policing force up in the city. Wingflare often uses her powers to fly the Ravens down into the cities when Lux begins a raid.[2]

Ravens are equipped with black Kevlar armor and a variety of weapons that jut out from their armor at dangerous angles. Their weapons include countless guns, grenades, and knives.[2] Each Raven has one or more diagonal red stripes running from hip to shoulder, the number of which designates their rank.[2]

The Ravens operate out of a system of tunnels underneath the city, near the power grid. They get their assignments from the Raven command center which is also in the tunnels. The Ravens generally stay out of the neighborhoods, as Lifeforce doesn’t want his civilians to live in constant fear.


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