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Profession Arms dealer
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Diamond is a weapons dealer active in the Fractured States. He sold to Epics, like Steelheart and anti-Epic groups, like the Reckoners, alike.[1] He did however have a strict policy of not discussing his clients.[2]

He is described as having long, white hair that is beginning to recede and a beard.[3]

Diamond is fond of using and selling explosives.


Diamond set up shop in the catacombs beneath Newcago not long after the death of the Epic Fortuity.[1]

He was part of the Reckoners plan to ensure they received credit for the death of Steelheart.

He was placed in "protective custody" by the Reckoners following an encounter between them and the Epic Nightwielder that occurred in his shop.


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