Abraham Desjardins

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Abraham Desjardins
by User: therustyrobot
Groups Reckoners
Nationality Canada
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Abraham Desjardins[1] is a member of the Reckoners.[2]

Abraham is Canadian and has a slight French accent. He is usually a soft spoken person, which is contrasted by the fact that he apparently has a fondness for large guns, as he is first introduced as carrying "a massive machine gun", so large in fact that it requires gravatonics to help him lift it. Along with Tia, he is one of the most skilled users of the Tensors. He is the group's tech guy. He is a Believer, one of the Faithful. According to David, he snores. He admitted that he was part of the Canadian Special force pre-Calamity as an officer of "high enough" rank. His entire squad was killed by the Epic Powder while he was in the stockade awaiting his court martial. He has some relationship with Nightwielder which was never disclosed.


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