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Dan Wells is a novelist and collaborator of Brandon Sanderson. A long-time friend and former roommate of Brandon's, he is collaborating with Brandon on multiple projects, including The Apocalypse Guard and some parts of the Dark One franchise.[1][2] They are also both hosts on the Writing Excuses podcast and have their own separate podcast, currently titled Intentionally Blank.[3][4]


Dan's first published novel was I Am Not a Serial Killer, published in 2009. Since then, he has written several sequels to that book, the Partials sequence, the Mirador series, the Zero-G series of audio originals, and several other stand-alone books.[5]


Dan has been a part of Brandon's writing group since it was created,[6] and in that role has presumably provided significant feedback to Brandon on his books. The soldier Wellen in Mistborn Era 1 and one of his descendants, the member of the Set Wellid in Mistborn Era 2, are cameos for Dan;[7][8][9] the constable Wells in Mistborn Era 2 may be as well.

After Brandon wrote the first draft of The Apocalypse Guard in late 2017, he felt that the book wasn't working right and decided it put it aside and write the Skyward series for the published that was promised The Apocalypse Guard instead. He then reached out to Dan, who he considered "the best writer" he knew to see if Dan could help him fix it.[10] As a result of their collaboration, the book got "weirder" and by late 2019, they considered it to be "pretty good," but it still had some issues and they decided to shelve it for the time being.[11][12] In April 2021, Brandon indicated he might work on getting the book into shape between when he finishes the fifth book of The Stormlight Archive and when Mistborn Era 3 is ready to be released.[1]

Brandon has also indicated that he would likely work with Dan on Dark One: Prophetic Histories, the audio novelization of Brandon's original Dark One outline.[13][1][14] In August 2021, Dan commented that he was collaborating with Brandon on Dark One: Forgotten, a Serial-style podcast about a journalist tracking a serial killer, and had finished work on the project.[2][14]

In September 2022, Brandon and Dan revealed that Dan was going to be joining Dragonsteel Entertainment as Vice President of Narrative.[15]

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