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The Path
Related to Harmony
Type Religion
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The Path is a religion on Scadrial. Followers of this faith accept the ways of the Shard Harmony, though they do not worship him.[1] The symbol of the Path is ten interlocking rings.[2]


Basic Tenet[edit]

  • Do more good than harm

Aspect Beliefs[edit]

  • All truth is important
  • Do not seek lust without commitment
  • See strength in all flaws
  • Requirement to give more than one takes
  • Do not waste time worshiping Harmony


Pathians meditate for 15 minutes daily, and there is no specific prescribed posture for meditation. During this meditation, Pathians wear a single earring.[2] If this earring is a Hemalurgic spike, it would allow occasional communication between Harmony and the Pathian. The Path is to study the beliefs of 300 ancient religions detailed in the Words of Founding and learn from their moral codes.[2] Doing good is to be considered as worship in and of itself.[2]

The Path has no formal clergy. However, Pathian missionaries exist to provide direction and explanation about the Path.[3] Pathian structures are small. They are known as sanctuaries, built to resemble the Terris huts of old, typically containing only two chairs and a loft. One of the chairs is for the visitors to the sanctuary, the other ostensibly for Harmony. Eight sides of the sanctuaries are filled by large doorways, left open to allow the mists inside.[3]

The Path teaches that the mists are Harmony's body.[4]

Harmontide is a sacred holiday to the Path.[5]

Notable Followers[edit]


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