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Claude Aradel
Ancestors Goradel[1]
Titles Governor (former)
Constable-General (former)
Profession Governor of Elendel (former)
Law enforcement (former)
Groups Elendel Constabulary
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Claude Aradel is the former Governor of Elendel on Scadrial, preceded by Replar Innate and followed by Varlance. He previously served as a constable in Elendel, attaining the rank of constable-general.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is an older man, probably in his late sixties, though his true age is unknown. He has leathery skin, and shaves when the mood strikes him.[2] He was an enthusiastic constable. He often left his administrative duties to languish while he personally ran investigations and day-to-day operations.


Aradel was a constable in Elendel. He worked up to the rank of Constable-General of the Fourth Octant, where he retired after reaching the silent glass ceiling of promotions a non-noble could receive. After the resignation of Constable-General Brettin, Aradel came out of retirement to accept the position. He hired Marasi Colms as a constable. She served him as an assistant and crime analyst.

He headed the investigation into the massacre at Winsting Innate's auction.[2] He brought Waxillium Ladrian into the investigation. The kandra Paalm was developed as a suspect. The actions of Paalm put Elendel into a state of near-revolution. To quell riots Replar Innate issued an executive order declaring a state of martial law and naming Aradel Lord High Constable.[3] After the discovery that Innate had been replaced by Paalm, Marasi arranged to have MeLaan replace Innate for the purpose of quelling the crowd. When MeLaan began to fail, Aradel placed the Innate imposter under arrest for corruption. He quelled the crowd by promising to arrest other corrupt nobles.[4]

After the downfall and death of Innate, Aradel became governor. He is the first non-noble leader since before the time of the Lord Ruler.[5]

Sometime in the year 346 PC, he stepped down as governor and was replaced by Varlance.[6]


  • He is a descendant of Goradel.[1]
  • His snoring is extremely loud.[7]


Preceded by
Replar Innate
Governor of Elendel
342 PC to 346 PC
Succeeded by
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