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Varlance and Adawathwyn.jpg
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Varlance is the governor of Elendel after Claude Aradel.[1] Adawathwyn served as his vice governor for a while, but Varlance fired her following the events of the Set's attack on Elendel.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Govenor Varlance is a military man who wears a cravat and regularly applies ghostly white powder to his face, as is the fashion as of the year 346 PC[1][expand]. He is comes across to some as a haughty individual who often is preoccupied with his war medals and is viewed by some as being a pushover.[3] For parts of his term as Govenor of Elendel, he leans heavily on his Vice Govenor Adawathwyn, and others. He initially appears to be somewhat uninformed of what the committees and his own authority are capable of.[3] However; he soon becomes quite decisive in delegating tasks and responsibilities to those who are capable, as shown when he fires Adawathwyn from the position of Vice Governor, and makes Steris the city's Disaster Preparation Officer.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Prior to his term as Governor of Elendel, Varlance was a military man. He was awarded several medals for his service, though it was not widely known what the medals were awarded for, or how he got them.[1]

As Governor of Elendel[edit]

During his term as Governor, Varlance spends the majority of his time focusing on publicity, park re-dedications and sitting in on Senate meetings. He was comfortable allowing Adawathwyn be the primary voice of his office. However, as Elendel is threatened by the Set with a bomb from Bilming, he begins to take advice from Steris on how to effectively evacuate the city[4] and grants her the authority needed to keep the city safe from the impending explosion and tsunami.[5]. After the attack on Elendel is resolved and rebuilding begins, Varlance fires Adawathwyn, and subsequently hires Steris as Elendels Disaster Preparation Officer.[2]


Preceded by
Claude Aradel
Governor of Elendel
346 PC+
Succeeded by
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