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Descendants Claude Aradel[1]
Died 1025 FE
Groups Venture army
Ethnicity Skaa
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Goradel was a skaa on Scadrial. He was in the Lord Ruler's army but joined the skaa rebellion on the night of the Collapse.[2] He became captain under Elend Venture and was head of Sazed's and Spook's guard during the Coup of Urteau.[3] Marsh killed him while he was carrying Spook's note to Vin.[4][5]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Goradel is a young, fair looking man. He has a square jaw and is slightly bald.[6]

He is proud and felt guilty about joining the Lord Ruler, but thought it was necessary in order to survive.[7][4] The man usually is in a good temper, although he could get tense after spending more time in Urteau.[8] According to Spook Goradel could be easily overlooked with his directness and courtly manners, but he is determined, trustworthy and someone to count on.[4] He doesn't like the idea of being sacrificial, but won't let that hinder his dedication.[9]


Early life[edit]

Goradel grew up with his family in Luthadel, but they worked on the fields outside the city. When he couldn't endure the hopelessness of that work any longer, Goradel joined the Lord Ruler's army and was disowned by his family.[10]

Guard at Kredik Shaw[edit]

When Vin infiltrated Kredik Shaw on the night of the Collapse Goradel was on guard outside. Vin could easily have killed him and the other guards, but convinced them to join the rebellion. Goradel was the first of them to rip off his insignia and leave Kredik Shaw.[7]

Somehow Goradel managed to find Dockson in the chaos of the Collapse, and tells him that Vin is captured by an Inquisitor. Then Elend Venture is brought in, and he and Goradel team up to rescue Vin out of Kredik Shaw.[2]

Goradel leads Elend and five of the latter's soldiers into the dungeons of Kredik Shaw, where they encounter Vin and Sazed who have already broken free but are surrounded by at least twenty enemy guards. Goradel, Elend and his soldiers start attacking the guards to distract them from Vin and Sazed, but Vin finds a last flagon with metals and deals with the guards in a matter of seconds.[2]

Siege of Luthadel[edit]

During the Siege of Luthadel Goradel was part of the scout squad for undermining activities in Elend's army. He voluntarily answered Elend's call to help keeping the skaa in Luthadel warm. He comes to report to Elend and Demoux that all of the furniture in abandoned houses is already removed, but that most roofs and inner walls of these buildings are also constructed of wood and can be demolished to burn.[6]

Coup of Urteau[edit]

Meanwhile Goradel was promoted to captain by Ham.[10] He was head and spokesman of the guard that accompanied Sazed, Breeze and Allrianne during their journey to Urteau and the Coup of Urteau.[9] He and his men were responsible for keeping a watch over Sazed, ambassador of the New Empire, guarding their headquarters at the Lord Ruler's storage cavern in Urteau, and make sure that Beldre wouldn't escape.[9][11] Whenever possible Goradel kept watch over Sazed personally.[12] After spending more time in Urteau Goradel tended to primarily look to Spook for commands instead of Sazed.[13]


When Spook woke up for the first time after the Coup of Urteau, he told his visitors that he urgently needed to send a message to Vin. Breeze replied Soothing that he should rest, but Goradel offered to deliver the message himself because Vin once spared his life, and thus is willing to risk his life for her.[4] He departed with Spook's note, which warned her that Ruin was able to manipulate people who had metal inside of their body.[5]

Somewhere on his way to Vin, the latter being on her way to Luthadel[14], Goradel was approached by Inquisitor Marsh who attacked Goradel and his horse. Goradel was already worn out from making his way through the ash, but was still able to offer quite some resistance to Marsh. After failing to pull out the Inquisitor's back spike, he attempted to cut Marsh sinews with a knife he had hidden in one of his boots, but received a fatal kick in the chest upon which Marsh killed him with an axe.[5][note 1]


I don’t feel very expendable.

—Goradel to Sazed on being captured in Urteau[9]



  1. Because Marsh read Spook's note he was able to pull out Vin's earring with his last bit of free will. This allowed Vin to take up the Shard Preservation.[15][16]
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