Vin's earring

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Vin's earring
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Vin's Earring is a simple piece, a small, silver-plated bronze stud.[1][2] She wears it in all three books in the original Mistborn trilogy.

The Final Empire[edit]

In Mistborn: The Final Empire, Vin is described as having an earring given to her by mother. As she is learning about Allomancy, she asks Kelsier if she will have to get rid of her earring, as Allomancers try to limit the amount of metal they carry on their persons. He tells her it is fine to keep it, so long as it stays in her body, as Allomancers cannot affect metal that pierces the skin. It is later revealed in this book that Vin's mother gave Vin the earring after having killed her sister rather "messily." In the finale of the first book, the Lord Ruler Allomantically rips Vin's earring out of her ear. Vin then draws on the power of mists and is able to kill the Lord Ruler. She recovers the earring after the fight is over.

The Well of Ascension[edit]

When Vin takes the power of Preservation in The Well of Ascension, her earring pains her. At the time, she does not realize that it is because her earring is actually a hemalurgic spike reacting against Preservation's power, but instead assumes it is because the earring is made of metal. She then proceeds to remove all other sources of metal from her body.

The Hero of Ages[edit]

In The Hero of Ages, Vin's earring is revealed to be a hemalurgic spike. Her mother killed her sister (who was a Seeker) and put it in Vin's ear. This explains Vin's ability to penetrate most copperclouds. Because Vin wears the earring, Ruin is able to speak with her directly, and does so throughout this book whenever she is wearing it. During a fight in which Marsh, under Ruin's control, is attempting to kill Vin, he recognizes her earring for what it is, and is able to resist the control of Ruin enough to remove it from her ear, thereby saving Vin's life and enabling her to utilize the Mists.


  • Vin's earring was put in her left ear.[3]


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