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House Tekiel
Parents Tevidian Tekiel,[1][2] mother
Siblings Vin, Reen
Died c 1010 FE
Abilities Seeker[3]
Birthplace Luthadel
Ethnicity Skaa/Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
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She killed my baby sister, slaughtered her. And that same day she gave me this, one of her own earrings. As if…as if choosing me over my sister. A punishment for one, a twisted present for another.

—Vin telling Elend about her sister's death[4]

Vin's sister is a bronze Misting (aka a Seeker)[5] who was killed during infancy. Her powers were stolen via Hemalurgy and given, unknowingly, to her sister, Vin.[6] She is the daughter of a skaa woman and Tevidian Tekiel,[1][2] the full sister of Vin,[1] and the half sister of Reen.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Vin's sister is a Misting who Snapped while very young, sometime between her birth and when she died during infancy. She is a powerful Allomancer due to her parentage, and it is possible she may have Snapped during birth, like her sister.[3] She is a Seeker and has access to bronze Allomancy, thus having the power to detect uses of kinetic Investiture,[7] including other uses of Allomancy. Her powers are given to her sister Vin via Hemalurgic spike, which grants Vin exceptionally powerful Seeker abilities, allowing her to pierce copperclouds and detect Investiture that is being used from within.


Vin's sister died in infancy at the hands of her mother. Ruin, wanting to strategically place a pawn he could use to release himself from the Well of Ascension, focused on the sisters as they presented a unique situation which he could use to his advantage.[5] Capitalizing on their mother's mental illness, he engineered the death of Vin's sister in order for Vin to have the power necessary to find and release him from his prison.[5]

On the day of her death, Vin's sister was left, along with Vin, in the care of their mother while their older brother Reen went out, unable to take either of the girls with him.[8] While he was gone, Vin's mother, corrupted by Ruin into hating her youngest daughter, murdered her child by slicing open her chest to gain access to the girl's heart, which she stabbed with one of her own[9][10] bronze earrings.[8][11] She gave this earring to her older daughter Vin, who had witnessed the death of her sister, by forcefully inserting it into her earlobe, creating a way for Ruin to manipulate Vin later in life.[1] Later when Reen returned home, he found his mother holding Vin and his youngest sister's corpse at his mothers feet.[8] It is unclear if Reen disposed of his sister's body after their mother fled their home or if it was left to be found by others.

At some point after this incident, Reen told Vin about what had occurred and how her sister had been killed.[8]

After joining Kelsier's crew, Vin began to open up about her past and the death of her sister, speaking with several crew members[8][12] as well as her husband, Elend[10] about her trauma.



Vin was present when her sister was murdered, and although she does not remember the event, the loss of her sibling has left deep psychological scars. Although her sister was a baby when she died, and Vin does not blame her for being gone, her sister's death has contributed towards Vin's fear of abandonment and distrust of others.[12] Vin rarely, if ever, spoke or thought of her sister following her death, until after she joined Kelsier's crew and began opening up about her past, as she had never really known her or had any positive reasons to reflect on their connection.[13][14]

Vin's Mother[edit]

Through Ruin's corruption, Vin's mother came to hate her second daughter and thought she was repulsive and a monster.[11] Ruin utilized the mother's mental illness in order to influence the woman and take advantage of her, ultimately leading to the death of Vin's younger sister.[11][15]


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