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Copper (Feruchemy).svg
Power Hide Investiture signals, block emotional Allomancy
Type Internal, Pulling, Mental
Misting Coppercloud or Smoker
Power Store memories
Type Cognitive
Ferring Archivist
Power Steal mental fortitude, memory, or intelligence
Type Mental
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured in Mistborn (series)

Copper is the internal mental pulling metal. An Allomancer burning copper is able to hide Allomantic pulses emanating from those around them, and is immune to emotional Allomancy. Feruchemists can use copper to store memories, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, copper can steal mental fortitude, memory, or intelligence.

Allomantic Use[edit]

A copper Misting is known as a Coppercloud or Smoker. When an Allomancer is burning copper, the pulses from nearby Allomancers cannot be detected by most Seekers.[1] Allomancers with a Hemalurgic spike that enhances their natural ability with bronze, genetically more powerful Allomancers, such as those created with lerasium, and bronze savants are all capable of "piercing" a coppercloud.[2][3] Nicrosil can also allow a Mistborn or a Seeker to pierce a coppercloud for a brief moment; duralumin would also work for a Mistborn.[4] Multiple Smokers burning copper in the same area will make the resulting coppercloud harder to pierce.[5] As few Allomancers have the ability to pierce a coppercloud, Smokers are of central importance when Allomancers are trying to hide. If a Seeker is inside of a coppercloud, they will be unable to receive any pulses from the outside.[6]

Copperclouds are able to protect the user from emotional Allomancy.[7] Protecting others in the cloud's boundaries from emotional Allomancy is very difficult but not impossible.[8] Copperclouds can also block an Awakener's lifesense[9] and can prevent a singer from attuning a Rhythm.[10] Copperclouds affect how spren act.[11]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

A copper Ferring is known as an Archivist. Copper is used to store memories.[1] This ability forms the core of the Keepers, a group of Terrismen dedicated to preserving knowledge. Since the memories in a coppermind do not degrade with time (although they are vulnerable to Ruin's manipulation), it is perfect for the collection of enormous quantities of facts. For this reason, Feruchemists were much more likely to be scholars than warriors. When an Archivist stores a memory in a coppermind, it immediately disappears from their memory. Memories stored in a coppermind are filed individually and are not seen as one whole memory to the Archivist.[12] The best users of copperminds would create indexes to find memories much faster. Finally, the longer a memory sits outside of a coppermind, the more it degrades, though this is due to the brain's own imperfections, not any quirk of the magic.[13][14] Keepers undergo extensive training in memory retention to make the most of this ability.[15] Copperminds can not store muscle memory.[16]


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Copper is unique among Feruchemical metals in that the individual bits of Feruchemical charge (the memories) are distinct from one another, as opposed to a metal like steel in which no bit of stored speed is discernible from another. Thus the possible effect of compounding copper is unclear. Rashek was said to have had a flawless memory,[17] possibly the effect of copper compounding, though this ability could have just been propaganda or a non-magical talent like that of his uncle Kwaan.[18]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, copper steals mental fortitude, memory, and intelligence.[19][20]

Kandra Blessing[edit]

The kandra can use a pair of these spikes as a Blessing and call them the Blessing of Presence.[21] Like all kandra Blessings, the Blessing gives the mistwraiths sentience, with the added benefit of mental stability. The Blessing of Presence helps a kandra resist Ruin's influence.[22]


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