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The Allomantic symbol for ettmetal/harmonium
The Feruchemical symbol for ettmetal/harmonium

Ettmetal is a kind of metal known to the Southern Scadrians. It is also called harmonium by Harmony.[1][2] In conjunction with south Scadrian technology, ettmetal can reproduce a particular power of Allomancy or Feruchemy when it is in the vicinity of that power.[3][4] When an Allomantic effect is produced, it slowly uses up the ettmetal,[5] similar to how metals are burned up by an Allomancer.

Ettmetal explodes when in contact with water and burns "with a pure whiteness" when releasing Allomantic energy. It is used to fuel Southern Scadrian Allomantic technology, including their airships that run via steelpushing.[5] They also have a device called the primer cube that can somehow regulate ettmetal's effects with the flip of a switch.[3] The Southern Scadrians also use ettmetal to create powerful bombs,[5] which the Set have been trying to replicate with limited success.[6]

Because of its explosive interaction with water, ingesting ettmetal is likely fatal even for Allomancers, though a full Mistborn with access to gold Compounding could burn it for some effect.[7] It is also likely difficult to make ettmetal Hemalurgic spikes for the same reason, though not impossible. Whether or not a Feruchemical attribute can be stored or tapped from it is currently unknown.

After reacting with water, residual ettmetal hydroxide is left behind, though the substance's properties are unknown.[8]

Harmonium as a God Metal[edit]

Whereas atium contains the condensed power of Ruin and lerasium the condensed power of Preservation, harmonium is the combination of both powers in condensed form. This combination of opposite intents somehow affects the Physical aspect of the metal, particularly its chemical properties, making it extremely reactive.[9][10]

Alloying atium and lerasium after Ruin and Preservation combined will not give harmonium. Splitting harmonium through distillation will give something different from atium and lerasium. While difficult, it is possible to split harmonium through some other means to get atium and lerasium.[11]


  • The term "harmonium" has never been used in the stories published so far, but Brandon Sanderson introduced the term in one of his talks even before the release of Shadows of Self[12] and has afterwards confirmed that it is another term for ettmetal.[2] Marasi probably did not know the term harmonium when Allik described ettmetal to her, as otherwise the word would have translated.[5]
  • Brandon Sanderson has described harmonium as "super-cesium" in reference to its violent chemical reaction with water.[2] Cesium, like other alkali metals, is an extremely reactive real life metal and will cause an explosion with water even at sub-zero temperatures.
  • If harmonium followed the naming conventions of the other god metals it would have been named Sazedium. However, Sazed didn't like the sound of it.[1]


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