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Spiritual Realm

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Spiritual Realm
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Universe Cosmere
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In Realmatic Theory, the Spiritual Realm is the realm of existence in the cosmere that contains the essence or soul of things. On this Realm, the interconnection between objects, people, and ideals are made apparent.[1]

Everything in the cosmere has a Spiritual aspect, a soul, which represents the idealized form or concept upon which their existence is based.[1] Among sentients, this soul is sometimes described as a Spiritweb. Several manifestations of Investiture like gold Feruchemy and Regrowth can restore a damaged object or person into the ideal form as dictated by the soul.

The bulk of a Shard's energy is stored in the Spiritual Realm, with the Selish Shards being notable exceptions.[2][3]

Time and Space in the Spiritual Realm[edit]

An object's connection to its past as well as its future can be observed from the Spiritual Realm, where the passage of time has little meaning.[4] Some beings, like Seers, Moelach, Sak the Aviar, and Shards of Adonalsium can peer into the Spiritual Realm to gain insight into the future, though some Shards are better at it than others.[5][6] It is also possible to see into the past of others via similar means.

Unlike the Physical and the Cognitive Realms, the Spiritual Realm has no distinct locations.[7] This allows Shards, for example, to see what is happening on other worlds beyond their own.[8] And in the Spiritual Realm, all things are one.[9]

Spiritual Damage and Investiture[edit]

A person's Spiritweb can be damaged either through physical or emotional trauma. This creates "cracks" in the soul. It is easier for Shards to Invest in people who are damaged in this way, as Investiture can enter the soul through these "cracks". This is why Allomancers need to undergo Snapping in order to awaken their powers, and is implied to be the reason why Surgebinders tend to have psychological problems.[10]


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