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AU Sixth of the Dusk.jpeg
Abilities Precognition
Bonded With Sixth of the Dusk
Species Aviar
Homeworld First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Sixth of the Dusk

Sak is a bird that lives on the planet First of the Sun and is owned by the trapper Sixth of the Dusk. She is not a member of any the species known to the Eelakin as Aviar, but she becomes an Aviar after coming to Patji and gaining a magical talent.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sak has black plumage and is of average size for an Aviar, about three fists tall (ten to twelve inches). She walks with a limp and has scars on her left wing that make it difficult for her to fly; she is almost always found perching on Dusk's shoulder. She and Kokerlii are Dusk's primary companions and have nesting boxes in his safecamps. Dusk is highly attuned to the behavior of his birds and is usually able to ascertain their emotions through their chirps, bites, and body language. Sak is reserved and solemn compared to Kokerlii. She does not chirp or squawk as often as Kokerlii, and usually only does so if she senses danger. She will nestle into Dusk's hair when she is scared, and he scratches her neck to comfort her.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Sak bestows the ability to see visions showing possible deaths in near future (roughly a minute). These visions manifest in the form of an image of the individual's corpse in the area where a death could happen. Dusk speculates that this ability cannot forebode dangers that wouldn't leave a body. She has control over when she shares this ability, and with whom.[1] She is only shown bestowing the talent on one person at a time; the Aviar must form a Connection with each person to share the talent, although this bond is not as strong as similar bonds on other planets.[2] Sak herself seems to see the visions, as she sometimes chirps or squawks to warn Dusk when they are present. She is the only known Aviar with this talent.[1] Sak's talent is related to the Allomantic effects of electrum and atium, in that it works by reading an individual's Spiritual connections and possibilities.[3][4]

Sak seems to have some understanding of verbal commands, as Dusk tells her to show Vathi the visions, and she immediately does so. She is able to fly, but only for very short distances due to her injured wing.[1]


Sak, on Dusk's right shoulder, with Kokerlii and Vathi

Sak's species is native to the mainland. However, she was taken to the island of Patji by Sixth of the Dusk as a chick, likely due to her injured wing. At some point, Dusk brought Sak to Patji's Eye, where young Aviar eat parasites that live in the fruit of Patji's Finger trees and gain various magical powers. Sak eats the parasites and becomes the first known example of a mainland bird gaining a talent. Dusk learns that Sak has a previously unknown talent that grants limited precognition; he sees his own corpse anywhere that there is impending danger (such as a trap, sinkhole, or a poisonous insect). This makes Sak invaluable since the islands of the Pantheon are incredibly dangerous. Dusk almost always has both Sak and Kokerlii with him in order to survive.[1]

Dusk keeps Sak secret for many years, even leaving her behind when he traveled away from Patji in order to avoid questions. When he encounters Vathi, she identifies Sak as a mainland species; she is confused as to why Dusk carries her, as she assumes that Sak is not an Aviar. Vathi later discovers that trappers often have multiple Aviar, and Dusk reveals Sak's talent and her history. Vathi is shocked and excited to learn that any bird can gain a talent, and notes that no new Aviar species or talents have been discovered in centuries.[1]

When the Northern Interests Trading Company opens an Aviar detection machine given to them by the Ones Above, all of the Aviar on the island are disturbed, but Sak appears more affected than the others; she seems to sense the direction of the disturbance and takes longer to recover. Her precognition abilities are temporarily overwhelmed, and Dusk realizes she is seeing the death of the entire island. After some time, Sak is able to filter out some of the visions and resume showing Dusk only immediate danger. She and Kokerlii accompany Dusk and Vathi on a perilous nighttime journey through the jungle to the Company's fortress. Sak appears to take a liking to Vathi, and flies to her after Vathi recognizes the danger of the Ones Above.[1]


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