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Ones Above

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The Ones Above is the colloquial name for a space-faring group that visit First of the Sun.[1] Their name referencing the fact that they arrived in the sky above First of the Sun in spaceships.


The Ones Above have incredibly advanced technology. They have space ships, and the natives of First of the Sun believe that they "live in the Stars". They have small handheld devices that can map out the current locations of the Aviar. It has a limited range. They also have a large device that can locate Aviar and print out a map marking where they are with dots. The large device can also translate languages, including the language of the Ones Above. It does not need a power source. They have other devices that they are not willing to show the people of First of the Sun.


They have visited many people on many other planets. They don't trade with the people of First of the Sun because, to them, that would be comparable to an adult negotiating with a child and perceived to be inherently unfair to less advanced civilizations. However, to try and get around these rules the Ones Above will occasionally give the Eelakin devices such as the Aviar trackers in the hopes that they will develop faster and thus be advanced enough to trade with. They also intentionally leave documents such as blueprints in their machines as if by accident for the same reason. The Ones above want to trade with the peoples of First of the Sun to take their Aviar.

Other appearances[edit]

We have met them, presumably on another world.[2] Chronologically, Sixth of the Dusk takes place at about the same time as Mistborn Era 4(the space opera trilogy) will take place, so there is a strong chance that the Ones Above are from Scadrial.


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