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Sori by Connor Chamberlain.jpg
Type Island
Region Pantheon
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere

Sori is a small island in the Pantheon on First of the Sun.


Sori is one of over forty islands in the Pantheon archipelago. It is referred to by Sixth of the Dusk as the "least" of the islands, and is therefore presumably the smallest island by area. It is located on the end of the archipelago closest to the Eelakin Islands, as it is the first island Dusk sees when he returns from a trip there. Sori is approximately three weeks' journey from the homeisles by rowboat. Three nearby islands are referred to as Sori's "cousins".[1]


As an island in the Pantheon, Sori is home to various unique creatures and plants. Deepwalkers can be found in the waters nearby, and there are traps in its jungles. Exploring Sori presents some challenges, but it is far less dangerous than other islands in the Pantheon. Although it presumably has some of the same wildlife found on other islands, Dusk mentions that it lacks valuable game; it is likely that certain species of Pantheon animals are not found on Sori. However, Aviar may live on the island, as Dusk's uncle gives him a mating plume as part of his training on Sori.[1]


In the Eelakin tradition, the islands of the Pantheon are personified, and the name Sori means "child". Sori is considered to be loved by all of the other islands. All trappers are welcome there, and a trapper can make an offering to Sori without causing their own island of residence to become jealous. Unlike other islands, all trappers have spent time on Sori during their apprenticeships, and the island is the most visited in the Pantheon.[1]

Because Sori is more tame than other islands, it is used as a training ground for young trappers before they choose another island in the Pantheon to live on. Trainees are prohibited from visiting other islands until they have completed their training on Sori. Dusk recalls training with his uncle on Sori and has fond memories of his time there.[1]


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