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World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

Trappers are the hunters and priests of the Pantheon, as well as, until recently, the islands' only inhabitants.

Trappers are trained from a young age on the island of Sori in the many skills necessary for surviving and succeeding on the islands of the Pantheon. Notable skills include knowledge of the deadly flora and fauna on the islands and the breeding of Aviar. Upon completion of this training, the trapper selects one of the islands, on which they will hunt exclusively for the rest of their lives.

Trapper's children are named according to the order they are born, and the time of day. "Sixth of Dusk" is the sixth child in his family, and was born during dusk. However, he later reveals that his name refers to something else: the dusk of his people.

The high demand for Aviar is met solely by this small number of trappers (estimated at "a few dozen" by Vathi), which lead to an attempt at colonization of the islands by Mainlanders.

As technology has progressed, the trappers have taken advantage of this. In stark contrast to their club-bearing, wrap-wearing predecessors, modern trappers use rugged clothing and steel machetes, as well as backpacks and other survival equipment. Trappers usually maintain several safe camps around their chosen island, each of which are heavily booby-trapped. They maintain an aloof rivalry with one another and will lay traps in an attempt to eliminate their competition, but simply ignore one another in a direct encounter. Despite this, trappers keep a short note detailing the locations of their Aviar for another passing trapper should they fall to one of the many dangers of the Pantheon. Compared to their brethren in the Eelakin Islands, trappers maintain much more of their cultural tradition.[1]


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