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Profession Trapper
Ethnicity Eelakin
Homeworld First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere

Yaalani the Brave is a mythological Eelakin woman on First of the Sun.[1]


According to legend, Yaalani is the only female trapper recorded in Eelakin history. She ignored custom and traveled to the Pantheon to perform the incredibly dangerous task of trapping Aviar.[1] Her story is well known and often told to young girls.

Vathi, a well-educated Eelakin woman, grew up listening to stories of Yaalani.[1] She has since learned of myths from many other cultures wherein an extraordinary woman served in a role traditionally held by men, such as a warrior, general, or trapper. Vathi believes that Yaalani and other myths regarding gender role reversal are actually used by parents to remind girls that breaking tradition is the exception and not the rule.[1]


  • Sixth of the Dusk takes place near the end of the cosmere timeline[2] and some readers have speculated about Yaalani's identity, but Brandon has confirmed that Yaalani is not from another work currently (as of the release of Oathbringer).[3]


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