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World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

The mainland is a landmass (presumably a continent) on First of the Sun, a planet in the Drominad System.[1][2]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

The mainland lies "across the seas" from the Eelakin Islands, but within sailing distance.[1]

The mainland's natural resources appear to differ from those of the Eelakin Islands and the Pantheon. Food on the mainland is more plentiful than it is in the Pantheon; even trappers occasionally visit the mainland seeking provisions and supplies. The mainland also has animal species that differ from those found on the islands. It does not have the deadly beasts of the Pantheon such as deepwalkers and nightmaws, and Vathi was able to immediately identify Sak as a mainlander bird species.[1]


Little is known about the mainland outside of its interactions with the residents of the Eelakin Islands. The Eelakin people were once simple wayfinders. Over time, the islands were "tamed" and their society became industrialized (with the notable exception of trappers who still live in the Pantheon). As Eelakin society progressed, the residents had increased contact with the mainlanders. Many Eelakin began using mainlander names for their children instead of traditional names.[1]

One of the notable consequences of this contact was that mainlanders learned of the magical talents bestowed by Aviar. They placed significant demand on the Eelakin to capture Aviar and provide them to mainlanders for sale or trade. Aviar were formerly very expensive and rarely seen on the mainland, but prices began falling, likely due to increased supply from mercantile concerns such as the Northern Interests Trading Company. This increased demand even further, and the companies began working on ways to find and capture more Aviar.[1]


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