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First of the Sky
Died Killed by a tuskrun pack[1]
Profession Trapper
Ethnicity Eelakin
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

I am First of the Sky, taken by Patji at last. I have a brother on Suluko. Care for them, rival.

—The last page of First of the Sky's journal[1]

First of the Sky, also known simply as Sky, is an Eelakin trapper on First of the Sun.[1]

First of the Sky made a living trapping Aviar on Patji. He was an older trapper, and was known to Sixth of the Dusk. Like other trappers, he carried a notebook in which he recorded his activities; he also kept details regarding the locations of his safecamps and the traps surrounding them. He was killed by a tuskrun pack, caught unaware that they had been lured away from their usual movement patterns when a Patji's Finger tree bloomed. Within a few days, his corpse was reduced to little more than a skeleton by the island's fauna.[1]

His body was discovered by Dusk and Vathi. Dusk believed that Sky's death was exceptionally unlucky, since he must have stumbled upon the trees just as they were blooming. On the last page of his notebook, Dusk found Sky's brief farewell stating that he has a brother on Suluko. Sky also requested that the trapper who found his body follow tradition and take care of his Aviar.[1]

When Dusk believed that he and Vathi would need to part ways, he gave her Sky's journal as well as his own for safekeeping.[1]


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