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Owners Trappers
Region Pantheon
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

Safecamps are specially-designed shelters used by trappers in the islands of the Pantheon on First of the Sun.[1]


Trappers maintain multiple safecamps on the island where they reside. Sixth of the Dusk has three safecamps on Patji. Each safecamp is built to prevent deadly animals and insects from entering, although they are not completely sealed. Safecamps are situated in remote locations and surrounded by traps to prevent approach by rival trappers. Dusk and other trappers care for Aviar in their safecamps; the presence of certain Aviar also helps shield the safecamp from detection by predators that can detect mental signatures, such as nightmaws. Trappers sleep in the safecamps, as they are the only locations on the islands where there should not be anything trying to kill them.[1]

Only the trapper knows the location of his safecamps, unless he is training an apprentice. Trappers carry notebooks that detail the locations of their safecamps and any traps around them; if they die, they want another trapper to be able to find and care for their Aviar.[1]


Safecamps have basic living supplies such as blankets and tableware, and may also be used to store other supplies such as antivenom. One of Dusk's safecamps is a single room-structure built in a gurratree to avoid terrestrial predators. It has netted windows, a trapdoor entry in the floor, and a ladder to another trapdoor in the roof. It is approximately four paces square and barely tall enough to stand up in. Dusk's Aviar nesting boxes are on the roof, where he maintains breeding pairs that can come and go freely.[1]


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