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Abilities Mental shielding
Bonded With Sixth of the Dusk
Species Aviar
Homeworld First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Sixth of the Dusk

Kokerlii is an Aviar on First of the Sun. He is owned by the trapper Sixth of the Dusk and lives with him on the island of Patji in the Pantheon.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kokerlii has bright red and green plumage.[1] He appears to be of a typical size for Aviar, which is "three fists tall" (approximately ten to twelve inches).[1] Kokerlii and Sak are Dusk's primary companions.[1] Dusk is highly attuned to the behavior of his birds and is usually able to ascertain their emotions through their chirps, bites, and body language. Kokerlii chirps often and generally has a happy disposition; Dusk characterizes him as "oblivious".[1] Like other Aviar raised by humans, Kokerlii always stays relatively close to his master and would not "fit in" with wild Aviar.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Dusk has not clipped Kokerlii's wings and he is able to fly.[1] Since Kokerlii serves as one of Dusk's companion Aviar, the two of them share a unique bond comparable to the Nahel bond.[2] Dusk has trained Kokerlii to return to him when he whistles.[1]

As an Aviar, Kokerlii gained a magical "talent" by visiting Patji's Eye when he was young.[1] He has the ability to conceal all mental activity in his immediate vicinity.[1] This is extremely useful to Dusk because many predators on Patji (such as deepwalkers, deathants, nightmaws, and tuskrun) can hunt by sensing thoughts.[1] Dusk notes that the power weakens as Kokerlii moves farther away.[1] This ability has similarities to Allomantic copper[3][4] and other powers in the cosmere,[5] meaning Kokerlii would be able to conceal some types of Investiture.[3][6]


Dusk bred Aviar and it is likely that he raised Kokerlii from birth, although trappers also care for the Aviar of their dead peers.[1] Kokerlii had a nesting box in Dusk's safecamp, where he kept the rest of his Aviar.[1] Kokerlii's talent was highly desirable to trappers in the Pantheon, and Dusk brought Kokerlii everywhere he went. Kokerlii may have had some understanding of his role, as Dusk noted that he gave an "apologetic chirp" after a nightmaw found and attacked them.[1]

Kokerlii accompanied Dusk and Vathi on a dangerous nighttime trip through the jungle.[1] At one point Dusk believed he would have to sacrifice himself to a nightmaw and tried to give Kokerlii to Vathi, but an alternate plan was devised and Kokerlii remained with Dusk.[1]


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