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Patji's Finger

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Patji's Finger
Type Flowering tree
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

Patji's Fingers are a type of tree native to only Patji in the Pantheon on First of the Sun.[1]


Patji's Fingers are massive trees, with large drooping fronds.[1] Each frond has a large blossom on the end, as long as two hands. After the flowers blossom, the tree produces fruit that falls to the ground.


The flowers of Patji's Fingers possess a unique trait.[1] When they bloom, the flowers mimic the minds of an injured and fearful animal. This draws in predators that can sense minds, such as tuskrun, hoping to find easy prey. The predators congregate around the tree and kill one another instead, fertilizing the ground beneath the tree with their corpses. These are usually easy to avoid, however if a trapper happens by a tree that has just bloomed he can be caught by surprise.

The trees also play another crucial role in the ecosystem.[1] A large grove of a dozen of them cluster around Patji's Eye, where all juvenile Aviar visit. The birds eat the fruit that fall to the ground and in doing so consume a parasite in the fruit, which grant them their abilities. However, a human eating these fruits will not gain any abilities.[2]


The trapper First of the Sky happened upon one of Patji's Fingers that had just bloomed and was killed by a tuskrun pack.[1]

When Vathi and Sixth of the Dusk were hiding from the nightmaws in Patji's Eye, they tied one of the blossoms to a spear from Vathi's spear gun.[1] They fired it away from them. The nightmaws were confused by the thoughts of the blossom and followed the spear, allowing Vathi and Dusk to escape.


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