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Eelakin Islands
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere

The Eelakin Islands are the homeland of the Eelakin people on First of the Sun,[1] a planet in the Drominad System.[2]


The Eelakin often refer to the islands as the "homeisles", and to its residents as "homeislers". There are likely a number of islands, as Sixth of the Dusk mentions that the Eelakin Islands superficially resemble the Pantheon archipelago. It takes approximately three weeks rowing to travel from the homeisles to the Pantheon. The Eelakin have extensive contact with the mainland, but the distance from the islands to the continent is not known.[1]

Flora and Fauna[edit]

Unlike the wild Pantheon, the Eelakin Islands have been "tamed". The Eelakin Islands lack the dangerous predators and plant life of the Pantheon; it is unclear if those species never existed in the homeisles or if they were eradicated in the distant past. Birds are known to live in the Pantheon, the homeisles, and the mainland; most species are endemic to a particular location, and only those that are raised in the Pantheon have traditionally become Aviar.[1]


The Eelakin originally lived as wayfinders and trappers. After the islands were tamed, the lack of natural dangers eventually allowed for cultural and technological advancements in homeisler society. Civilization on the homeisles now stands in stark contrast to the solitary, austere life of the trappers who still live in the Pantheon. Trappers are the only Eelakin who maintain some of the old ways, including wayfinding.[1]

Homeislers and trappers are both ethnically Eelakin, but have numerous misconceptions about each other; Dusk feels like an outsider when he visits the homeisles, and he does not understand their social conventions. Homeislers no longer use "traditional" names that refer to the day and order of birth, instead using names that originated on the mainland. Homeislers have become increasingly educated, and Dusk believes that they have lost their reverence for Aviar.[1]

Eelakin society may be patriarchal, as Vathi believes that the (possibly apocryphal) story of Yaalani the Brave is repeated often to young Eelakin girls as a way to reinforce the traditional role of women in their society.[1]


In the centuries following the taming of the homeisles, the Eelakin people slowly built their relationship with the mainland. Trade occurred between the two peoples, and certain cultural conventions of the mainland began to creep into Eelakin society. This relationship began to accelerate as Eelakin technology advanced, largely due to a burgeoning market for Aviar. Several large Eelakin companies such as the Northern Interests Trading Company actively attempted to find and capture more Aviar in the Pantheon in order to satisfy mainlander demand. This process was hastened even further by technology gained through Eelakin contact with the spacefaring Ones Above, which further emboldened companies to undertake large-scale projects such as the Patji expedition.[1]


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