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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

MaiPon is a sub-state of the Rose Empire on the planet of Sel. It was absorbed into the Rose Empire long prior to the events of The Emperor's Soul.

MaiPon is the homeland of Forgery.[1][2] Because Investiture on Sel is concentrated in the Cognitive Realm, and thus dependent on geographic location, the power of a Forgery diminishes the further a forgery is from MaiPon, similar to how the Elantrian Aons function.[3] All Forgeries include a lithograph resembling MaiPon on the reverse side of the stamp.

The MaiPon are descended from the same people group as the JinDo; they diverged long ago. They are commonly mistaken by other cultures as being identical.[4] The MaiPon use chopsticks, known as MaiPon sticks, as eating utensils. The sticks were later adopted in JinDo culture.[5]

Physical Traits[edit]

The MaiPon are short of stature,[6] have dark brown skin and fine features.[7]


The early MaiPons worshiped meteors, which they call the souls of broken gods. These meteors would be carved to bring out the shape of the gods.[2] It is believed that the history of carving was responsible for the invention and advancement of Forgery. Wan ShaiLu is from MaiPon, and is a follower of the God Beyond. It is unclear if the religion is common in MaiPon or unique to Shai.[6][2]


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