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TES - Ashravan.jpg
Spouse Kurshina
Titles Emperor of the Rose Empire
Groups Heritage Faction
Birthplace Ukurgi
Ethnicity Grand
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Ashravan of the Eighty Suns is the forty-ninth Emperor of the Rose Empire on Sel and a member of the Heritage Faction.[1] At the time of his injury he is forty years old.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is described as having a "strong face." He has golden hair, a firm chin, and a prominent nose.[2]

Despite being known to have a temper, he is a humble man and an idealist at heart.[3][4] He loves to write horrible poetry and enjoys a good debate. He is arrogant, but secretly wishes he could be something other than what he became.[5] He hates fish.[6]


Early Life[edit]

He has a younger brother who dies when Ashravan is six.[7] He idolizes his brother, but keeps his feelings secret due to a belief that his brother would have made a better emperor. His brother's fondness for green is the reason that it is Ashravan's favorite color.[3]

At some point Ashravan begins to keep a private journal, perhaps to reflect on the choices he makes. He leaves instructions to have it burned upon his death.[8]

Life as Emperor[edit]

I have decided, at long last, to agree to the demands of my faction. I will offer myself for the position of emperor, as Gaotona has so often encouraged.

—Excerpt from Ashravan's personal journal

After the death of Emperor Yazad, Ashravan is chosen to lead the empire.[8]

According to Gaotona, Ashravan originally became emperor out of a desire to change the empire such as the favoritism shown to the Grands.[3] Over time, however, his desire waned.[4] Ashravan was swept up in the bureaucracy of an empire that worked, if not perfectly, then well enough. He focused more on the beauty of it all instead of its problems, and gave the arbiters more and more control.[5]

The urgings of his mentor Gaotona were a significant factor in his becoming emperor, and Ashravan eventually grew to resent Gaotona because he felt inadequate.[6]

The Emperor's New Soul[edit]

One night a group of assassins, agents of the Glory Faction, broke into the emperor's rooms and attacked him and his wife, Kurshina.[9] Kurshina was killed and Ashravan sustained a severe injury to the head. Although a Resealer was able to heal the wound, the emperor was left brain-dead. The arbiters of the Heritage Faction kept the emperor's status a secret by saying he had sequestered himself during the mourning period for his wife. The arbiters then tasked the Forger Wan ShaiLu to create a powerful soulstamp known as an Essence Mark to rewrite the soul of the emperor before the one hundred days of mourning were over.[1]

Shai used a number of sources for the Soul Forgery, such as official histories, Ashravan's personal journal and interviews of his friends and family.[8] The arbiter Gaotona volunteered himself as a test subject for stamps of minor portions of Ashravan's soul.[3]

On the ninety-eighth day of the mourning period, Shai succeeded in creating the soulstamp that replicated Ashravan's original soul which he would have to be re-stamped with each day.[2] Buried in the stamp were certain triggers that Shai added to help nudge Ashravan into becoming the emperor he had always dreamed of being.[10]


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