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Han ShuXen
TES - Han.jpg
Profession Painter
Nationality MaiPon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Han ShuXen is a painter from the Rose Empire on Sel.[1] His paintings are well-known and extremely valuable in the Empire.[2]

He painted the masterpiece Lily of the Spring Pond for a woman he loved. On her death, her children gave the painting to the Rose Empire; it is owned by the arbiter Frava.[1] However, ShuXen felt that the painting should not outlive its intended recipient and did not want it used to glorify the Rose Empire.[3] He hired the Forger Wan ShaiLu, whom he had tutored in her youth, to destroy it and replace it with a copy.[3] Shai felt that she owed a debt to her former mentor and agreed to the plan.[3]

ShuXen assists Shai in making a masterful copy of Lily of the Spring Pond, providing his studies for the original painting and advice on the brushwork.[3] Shai also makes a second copy of passable quality that she uses as a decoy.[4] Shai is able to execute the plan and burns the original painting, replacing it with the master forgery.[3]

In his old age he has gone blind and can barely move.[3]


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