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TES - Skeletal.jpg
Magic Bloodsealing
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

A skeletal was a construct created by utilizing Bloodsealing to bring the bones of a creature back to life.[1] Skeletals are terrifyingly effective, they ruthlessly pursue their target and never tire.[2] They can track a person for up to twenty-four hours if they have a fresh blood sample of the target, afterwards the blood is too stale.


Skeletals have a glowing red seal on their bodies, for humans on the forehead, that can only be created by using blood.[2] This is the thing that allows them to return to a semblance of life. The bones of the skeletals must also be whole for the skeletal to function. If bones are removed or broken, the creature will collapse and not move until it is repaired. If any of the bones are broken beyond repair or lost, wooden carvings of the bones can take their place. Small alterations to the bones are also permissible, like sharpening the bones to make removing them difficult.


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