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Abilities Bloodsealer
Aliases Weedfingers[1]
Ethnicity Dzhamarian
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Emperor's Soul

Weedfingers[1] is a Dzhamarian Bloodsealer that helps imprison Shai during the Forgery of Emperor Ashravan's soul.[3]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

He is a white-haired young man with milky white skin, red eyes, faintly translucent lips and long fingers. He often wears robes and a cloak, walking with unnatural litheness.[4]

He carries a crude bone stamp with him and keeps some "pet" skeletals crafted from the skeletons of the dead.[4]

Gaotona regards him as as a loyal, discreet and effective servant.[4] The guardsmen are wary of him and bully him.[2]


There are ... times when one must accept the aid of darkness in order to contain a greater darkness.

He was brought into the Rose Palace by Gaotona in order to craft wards with his Bloodsealing abilities to imprison Shai in a small room. He requested Shai's bones as his only payment.[4] Every morning he would visit her cell to renew his mark on the door.[5] Sometimes he arrived late, which Shai noticed and exploited to escape.[6]

He had a lover in Dzhamar who wrote him letters. The arrival of those letters woke him up in the morning, which is why he would come on time to stamp Shai.[7] When he didn't get news from home, he drank, which caused him to arrive later to renew the spell.[2]

When Shai escaped from the Palace, he attempted to capture her with his skeletals. All of his skeletals were destroyed in the confrontation, and he was wounded by Shai. Before she left, Shai told him that his lover wants him back home and doesn't care about how much money he's making working at the capital, which is why she worded her letters the way that she did.[8]


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