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by botanicaxu
Abilities Bloodsealer
Aliases Weedfingers[1]
Ethnicity Dzhamarian
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Weedfingers[1] is a Dzhamarian Bloodsealer that helps imprison Shai during the Forgery of Emperor Ashravan's soul.[2]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

He is a white-haired young man with milky white skin, red eyes, faintly translucent lips and long fingers. He often wears robes and a cloak, walking with unnatural litheness.[3]

He carries a crude bone stamp with him and keeps some "pet" skeletals crafted from the skeletons of the dead.[3]

Gaotona regards him as as a loyal, discreet and effective servant.[3] The guardsmen are wary of him and bully him.[citation needed]


There are ... times when one must accept the aid of darkness in order to contain a greater darkness.

He was brought into the Rose Palace by Gaotona in order to craft wards with his Bloodsealing abilities to imprison Shai in a small room. He requested Shai's bones as his only payment.[3] Every morning he would visit her cell to renew his mark on the door.[4] Sometimes he arrived late which Shai noticed as a possible escape route.[5]

He had a lover in Dzhamar who wrote him letters. The arrival of those letters woke him up in the morning, which is why he would come on time to stamp Shai.[6] When he didn't get news from home, he drank, which caused him to arrive later to renew the spell.[7]

When Shai escaped from the Palace, he attempted to capture her with his skeletals, but failed and was wounded by Shai.[8][expand]


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