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TES - Frava.jpg
Titles Senior Arbiter
Groups Heritage Faction
Nationality Grand
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Emperor's Soul

Frava is the seniormost arbiter and leader of the Heritage Faction of the Rose Empire on Sel.[1] During the time of Emperor Ashravan's reign, she was accounted the second most powerful person in the empire.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Frava has a sharp, nasal voice, long fingers, a long face, and moved with grace.[1][2][3][4] She rarely smiled.[5] She maintains a long standing rivalry with Gaotona, and has attempted to remove him from his position in the past.[2][6] She is confrontational, manipulative, and tends to take the initiative.[2][4]


During the illness of Ashravan, Frava extorts Wan ShaiLu into providing notes on the creation of the Soulstamp for her own Soulforgers to try and replicate.[5][7][6] It is possible that Frava has connections with the underworld of the Imperial Seat, and enough influence to put people of her choosing in positions of influence among their ranks. She offered such a position to Shai, though it is suspected she did not intend to honor the deal.[4]

Frava curates the Imperial Gallery, and her offices are adjacent to it. She owns several notable pieces of artwork, one of which Shai replaces and destroys as a favour to Han ShuXen.[2]


  • Frava seems to be named after the concept of Fravashi from the Zoroastrian faith. This is backed by Brandon actively being influenced by ancient Zoroastrian words for Rose Empire names.[8]


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