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Rose Empire
Capital Imperial Seat
World Sel
Universe Cosmere

The Rose Empire is a nation on Sel. It is on the same continent as Teod, but separated from it by mountains.[1] The Rose Empire is ruled by the Emperor of Eighty Suns, who sits on the Rose Throne.[2][3] The reigning emperor during the time of Shai's imprisonment was Emperor Ashravan, the 49th Emperor of the Imperial dynasty.[2] The lifespan of Rose Empire's dynasty is thus estimated to be within the range of 1000 to 3500 years at that point, given the lifespan of a Grand.

The Rose Empire maintains trade with the states of Sycla,[1] but has a more strained relationship with Svorden. Svorden had sent a table as a gift to Emperor Ashravan's predecessor, but the poor relationship with Svorden caused the emperor to lock it away.[4]

They know of the concept of mass production, and used it in collusion with Remembering to create complex works in quantity.[5]

The empire uses a caste system in which citizens attain ranks known as "reeds" that have certain requirements and privileges.[6]


There are eighty different factions in the Rose Empire's government.[7] The number is presumed to relate to the fact that citizens of the Rose Empire believe that there are eighty suns and that a new one rises each day.[4] Each faction is led by a group of five arbiters, who as a whole determine the line of succession of emperors. Upon the death of an emperor, the arbiters gather and elevate the candidate of an agreed upon faction to the position of emperor.[8] The arbiters of the faction of the emperor occupy positions of great power in the government.[5] Only Grands may become arbiters.[2] Customarily they wear long, colorful robes to denote their position,[9] and each arbiter has a Symbol that is used by their assigned servants.[10] The arbiters of the Emperor's faction are known as the ruling arbiters and they possess considerable power and influence over the Rose Empire, only superseded by the Emperor himself.[11] Prisoners sentenced to death are allowed to call for arbiter intervention, if their case is granted a review by the ruling arbiters.[2] If the Emperor goes into mourning the ruling arbiters are the only people allowed to speak with him. As a result, in such circumstances the arbiters essentially have unilateral control over the entire Rose Empire.[1]



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