Rose Palace

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Rose Palace
Usage Palace
City Imperial Seat
Nation Rose Empire
World Sel
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

The Rose Palace is the Imperial Palace of the Rose Empire on Sel, and location of the Rose Throne.[1] It was a vast establishment composed of many different wings.[2] As each faction took control of the palace, they would choose which wings to utilize and maintain, leaving portions of the complex largely ignored at any given time. A new faction would often change the style and decorations completely to fit their desires and aesthetic. During the reign of Emperor Ashravan, the Heritage Faction made extensive use of Rememberers to recreate relics of the past.[2] The central wings of the palace are made of quarried stone, and many rooms have stained glass windows installed.[3] The palace is considered to be a beautiful structure, despite the many rooms left unused and the general disrepair of many sections.[4][1]

Life in the Palace is strictly regimented.[4] Post arrives early every morning, and servants go about their tasks like clockwork.[1] The Strikers who serve as Palace guards are all required to be literate, as were any civil servants of the second reed or higher.[5] The palace was often host to many notable personages, such as Atsuko of JinDo.[1]


The palace included an Imperial Gallery, boasting a vast collection of artwork from across the Rose Empire,[6][2] a well-equipped dungeon that included cells specially designed to hold Forgers,[7] at least one kitchens complex,[8] a guardhouse for security forces,[9], walls,[9], numerous gates,[10], a stables,[10], offices for a variety of arbiters and functionaries,[11] and an extensive servants complex.[10]


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