Lily of the Spring Pond

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Lily of the Spring Pond
Type Painting
World Sel
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Lily of the Spring Pond is a masterpiece painting created by Han ShuXen. He painted it for a woman he loved. When she died, her children gifted it to the Rose Empire.[1] It hangs in the offices of the arbiter Frava near the Imperial Gallery.[2]

The Forger Wan ShaiLu was hired by Han ShuXen to steal the painting and destroy it. She replaces the original with a Forgery she painted with his help, throwing the original into a fire.[3] Han ShuXen did not want his masterpiece to "glorify" the Rose Empire, which he opposed.[1] Shai is imprisoned for the "attempted" theft of the painting and the Moon Scepter and is coerced into Forging a soulstamp for Emperor Ashravan.[2] After her imprisonment, Shai steals the fake painting and leaves a mark in the shape of Aon Reo in its place.[4]


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