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Ethnicity Dzhamarian
Region Rose Empire
World Sel
Universe Cosmere

Dzhamar is a swampy region of the Rose Empire on Sel. It borders the mountains of Mulla'dil.[1]

Dzhamarians are very pale with milky-white (nearly translucent) skin, white hair, and red eyes. Their movements are somehow unnatural, and their appearance tends to give them an ageless quality to outsiders.[2][3]

Dzhamar is the homeland of Bloodsealing.[1] Their magic is generally regarded as sinister by other nations, but the Grands are not above hiring them.[2]

Dzhamar was presumably once an independent nation, and it maintains a unique cultural identity as a constituent country of the empire. There is an intense hatred between the Dzhamarians and their neighbors, the Strikers.[1]

Notable Residents[edit]


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