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Related to Rose Empire
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

The Grands are a race on Sel that rule the Rose Empire.[1]


Grands typically had longer than average lifespans, able to function and continue work into their nineties.[1] Grands also tend to have long fingers and long features. The most current fashion among the Grands was wearing robes or wraps after an ancient style.[2] Grands are also typically treated by the empire with extreme favoritism.[3]

The Grands tend to be rather ignorant about the other races in the empire. While Strikers are regarded well by the Grands and often promoted,[1] the Grands still see them as inferior, and even changed their names from the original of Mulla'dil to strikers. They see the MaiPon people as the same as the JinDo people despite the fact that the two groups diverged long ago.[4]

Grands also have a deep-seated fear of Forgery. While they tolerate Rememberers, and resealers to heal people, Forgery of the soul is an abomination to them.[1] The Grands tell tales of Forgers as witches; saying they place Soulseals on the bottoms of people's feet to change their personalities and harm their minds.[3] This leads to most Grands being totally ignorant about how Forgery works.

Governmental Positions[edit]

The Grands held all the most important governmental positions, which were awarded based on who passed tests to serve in the government.[1] Grands who served the government wore robes of certain colors to show rank; blue and green for minor functionaries. When Grands receive positions in the government, the person who gets the job is usually determined by who gives the most bribes or who is well connected, with little consideration for competence.[3]

When Grands serve in the government, they usually belong to one of eighty factions,[5] such as the Heritage Faction or the Glory Faction. Each faction is led by five arbiters. When the emperor is from one faction, he typically delegates tasks to the five arbiters of his faction, who hold significant governmental authority.[1]

Notable Grands[edit]


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