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Soulstone is a type of rock on Sel used in the construction of Soulstamps for Forgery.[1]

Appearance & Properties[edit]

Soulstone is a white fine grained rock with flecks of red mixed in.[2]

Soulstone in its natural state is about as soft as chalk. However, when it is carved the material comes off very precisely. When a piece of soulstone is held in a fire, the soulstone becomes extremely hard, like quartz, and no more can be carved from it.[1]

Usage In Forgery[edit]

The ability to carve the soulstone precisely is what makes it so valuable for Forgery. The shape of the Soulstamp is crucial-taking off too much or too little by mistake is devastating-but soulstone effectively negates this problem.

The change in hardness of the rock is also useful. Being able to carve the stamp easily, yet in a material that will hold its shape is invaluable to a Forger. This is especially important if the Forger is making a soulstamp that they will reuse often, or an Essence Mark. The only better material for a Soulstamp is crystal, which is incredibly difficult to carve.


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