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TES - Gaotona.jpg
by botanicaxu
Profession Arbiter
Groups Heritage Faction
Nationality Grand
World Sel
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Gaotona is an arbiter of the Heritage Faction of the Rose Empire on Sel.[1] He is noted as being the most influential of the arbiters, due to favor of the emperor [2].

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is elderly, and the oldest of the arbiters [2]. He is noted for being a very genuine person.[3][expand]


He is known to have been incredibly close with Ashravan, which has given him influence among the other arbiters [2].

He volunteers to observe Shai during her work to restore Ashravan's soul. He is from the same village as Ashravan and is the one responsible for his decision to become Emperor. Because of his familiarity with the Emperor, Gaotona was used to test the accuracy of Shai's creations. He eventually aids in Shai's escape; returning her Essence Marks to her after she completes the Forgery.[4]


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