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Glory Faction
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

The Glory Faction is one of the eighty factions that governs the Rose Empire on Sel.[1][2]

They attempted to assassinate Emperor Ashravan, however only succeeded in killing his wife. Ashravan was left in a vegetative state, leading the Heritage Faction to coerce the Forger Wan ShaiLu into Forging him a new soul. It is likely the Glory Faction felt they would be able to elevate one of their members to the position of emperor if Ashravan was killed.[1]

During the mourning period for the Emperor's wife, which was the excuse given for Ashravan's seclusion; the Glory Faction spreads rumors that Ashravan was killed believing that the Heritage Faction was only stalling for time.[3] When the Essence Mark created for Ashravan is successful, he is able to reveal himself to the Factions. This leads to a weakening of the Glory Faction’s power since they had gambled on him not returning.[2]


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