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Heritage Faction
World of Origin Sel
Universe Cosmere

The Heritage Faction is the ruling faction of the Rose Empire on Sel during Wan ShaiLu's imprisonment.[1] It was one of the eighty factions of the Rose Empire.[2]

Defining Characteristics[edit]

The Forgery of the soul, that was what they considered an abomination.

Shai on the Heritage Faction's opinion towards Forgery

The Heritage Faction sought to honor the accomplishments and knowledge of past cultures. They rebuilt their wing of the Rose Palace in imitation of an ancient building. Using Forgery, they recreate examples of famous artwork or cultural pieces to furnish the Palace, often in a style known as the Lamio style. They distinguish the practice by terming it Remembering, due to the poor opinion of Forgers in the Rose Empire.[1][3]

In addition to recreating the palace, the Heritage Faction often attempts to sway public opinion by reviving old holidays and feasts. The feasts were previously unknown or forgotten, and the effort was often misplaced as the only individuals with sway over the election of a new Emperor were the incumbent arbiters of the eighty factions.[4]

Ashravan's New Soul[edit]

After a failed assassination attempt on Emperor Ashravan's life, which left him brain dead, the arbiters of the Heritage Faction hid him away from the empire under the guise of the mourning for his wife. The arbiters coerced the Forger Shai into forging a new soul for the emperor, a task she felt was impossible.[1] With the exception of Gaotona, all of the arbiters of the Heritage Faction visited Shai during her work and expressed interest in her making the emperor easier to control or manipulate to their own ends.[5] Out of pride of craftsmanship, the final soulstamp left Ashravan free of such modifications, although she did put into place some triggers that would prompt Ashravan into becoming the emperor he had desired to become.[2]



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