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Spouse Ashravan
Died [1]
Titles Empress of the Rose Empire
Nationality Grand
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Kurshina is the wife of Emperor Ashravan in the Rose Empire on Sel.[1]

She is killed when assassins from the Glory Faction attempted to murder Ashravan. Kurshina has red hair, which is one of the things that made Ashravan fall for her; his first love from a storybook had red hair as well.[2] It seems that Ashravan really did care for her, as one of his first questions upon gaining his new soul was about her, and the grief on his face was visible when he remembered her death.[1]

Kurshina's death is what allowed the arbiters from the Heritage Faction to keep Ashravan's condition secret from the empire.[3] He was allowed to have one hundred days of seclusion in mourning, so this was the time Shai used to make Ashravan's Essence Mark.


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