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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Mulla'dil is a mountainous region of the Rose Empire on Sel. The nation was subsumed into the Empire many years previous to Emperor Ashravan's reign, and the name is rare in contemporary usage. People of Mulla'dil are commonly called Strikers, and were well regarded by the Grands. It was not uncommon for Strikers to be Elevated.[1]

Mulla'dil bordered the region of Dzhamar,[2] and there was a deep-seated hatred between the Strikers and their neighbors. There is significant tension with the Dzhamarian practitioners of bloodsealing, which the strikers consider to be revolting and unnatural.[2]

Physical Traits[edit]

Mulla'dils are pale-skinned, with dark, curly hair. They are generally tall of stature and lean of build.[1]


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