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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Mulla'dil is the name of both a mountainous region of the Rose Empire on Sel and its inhabitants.[1]


The nation was subsumed into the Empire many years previous to Emperor Ashravan's reign, and the use of its name was rare in contemporary usage.[2] The people of Mulla'dil were instead commonly called Strikers, and were well regarded by the Grands. It was not uncommon for Strikers to be Elevated.[2] Strikers were often employed as guards or soldiers by the Empire, although some of them would have preferred a different profession.[3][4] Strikers employed at the Rose Palace were required to be literate.[3]

Physical Traits[edit]

Mulla'dil people are generally tall and pale-skinned, with dark, curly hair.[2] They are usually lean and athletic, and some individuals can be described as "brawny".[2][3]


Although Mulla'dil was folded into the Empire, its people still maintain a cultural identity, including the ongoing use of the Mulla'dil language.[5] The former nation bordered the swamps of Dzhamar and there was a deep-seated hatred between the Strikers and their neighbors.[1] There is still significant tension caused by the Dzhamarian practice of Bloodsealing, which the Strikers consider to be revolting and unnatural.[1] The antagonism between the two nations may exceed their loyalty to the Empire.[1]


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