Moon Scepter

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Moon Scepter
Type Scepter
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

The Moon Scepter was part of the regalia of the Emperor of the Rose Empire on Sel.[1] It was on display in the Imperial Gallery of the Rose Palace.[1]

Physical description[edit]

The shape is similar to a Chinese scepter known as a ruyi and it is pale blue in color, echoing the color of Sel's moon Oem.[2] It has Aons written or inscribed on one side of it.[3]


The origin of the Moon Scepter is unknown.

Shai wanted to swap the real scepter with her own Forged copy as a test of her skill, because it was the most famous piece of art in the whole empire.[4] After an elaborate plan that also included the theft and Forgery of a painting by Han ShuXen, she was betrayed at the last moment by Hoid, who she knows as the Imperial Fool, and imprisoned.[1] Shai assumes that the Fool escaped with the original scepter and that her Forged version now sits in the gallery.[1] Hoid does take the original scepter[3][5] but it is not clear if he still has it.

Use in Investiture[edit]

According to Brandon, the Moon Scepter is a "Rosetta Stone" that can translate the symbols that are used to access Investiture in the various Selish magic systems.[6][3] This is significant because Brandon has described Sel's numerous manifestations of Investiture as similar to computer programming languages.[7] A knowledgeable individual would therefore be able to use the translations to gain an understanding of the symbols that are integral to various types of Selish magic.[3]

Selish magic is particularly powerful,[8] but despite a common power source (the Dor),[9] each type of magic is usually only usable by people native to specific areas of Sel.[10][7][11] Brandon has stated on numerous occasions that Selish magic typically gets weaker as the distance from its homeland increases.[12][13] This does vary by the specific magic system,[14] but Selish magic generally does not work on other planets.[15][11][16] This is a problem that some characters are actively trying to solve.[8] Although the Moon Scepter does not remove these geographic restrictions,[17] thus far it is the only thing that Brandon has indicated could make this task "less daunting".[15]

The translation information on the scepter was the reason for Hoid's interest, and he has already gotten what he needs from it.[3]


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The scepter presumably has other symbols written or inscribed on it that correspond to the Aons known to be on one side. Brandon has not confirmed whether or not the scepter itself is Invested,[15] but it is unlikely since it does not seem to have particular value to Hoid.[3]

Brandon has confirmed that the scepter does not directly "unlock" or grant access to Selish magic.[8] However, access to the Dor is heavily symbol-based. Someone that is able to use at least one type of Selish magic might be able to use the information on the scepter to gain access to one or more additional types of magic (including AonDor, Forgery, ChayShan, Dakhor, Invested potions,[18] Bloodsealing, and more[19][20]). Alternatively, the translation could allow the powers of a magic system to be accessed using different symbols in non-native locations (for example, an Elantrian traveling to Fjorden could be able to use AonDor with Dakhor glyphs rather than Aons).

The scepter is a piece of a much larger puzzle that could theoretically allow conversion between different types of Investiture, even beyond those found on Sel.[21]


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