Moon Scepter

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Moon Scepter
Type Scepter
World Sel
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

The Moon Scepter was part of the regalia of the Emperor of the Rose Empire on Sel.[1] It was on display in the Imperial Gallery of the Rose Palace.

Use in Investiture[edit]

According to a 2015 interview with Brandon, the Moon Scepter can translate symbols from one magic system to another.[2] He has also said that the artifact would allow using Sel magic outside the planet "less daunting".[3]


Shai wanted to swap the real scepter with her own Forged copy because it was the most famous pieces of art in the whole empire.[4] She was betrayed by Hoid, the Imperial Fool, and imprisoned.[1] It is unknown if Hoid actually ended up trading the scepter with the Forged version. The scepter is important to Hoid for unexplained reasons[5], though it likely has something to do with its symbol-translation properties.[2]


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