The New Ascendancy

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The New Ascendancy
The New Ascendancy header.png
by Ben McSweeney
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Bands of Mourning

The New Ascendancy is a broadsheet published in New Seran.

The front page of volume 6, issue 220, published on Cladence 8, 342 is used as the interior art for Bands of Mourning.

It contains a serialised story about Nicki Savage, Paranatural Detective called The Constructs of Antiquity Part Two. The Ghastly Gondola!.


  • Bilming's Newest Ships 'Amuse' Elendel Officials
  • Farthing Mansion Hit
  • Does Harmony Have a Metal?
  • Broken Gondola Strands Passengers


  • A call for protestors against low wages and high taxes
  • Soother's Choice chewing gum
  • Zinc (Alloy of Law).svg (Zinc) Brand Whisky
  • Basin Bill archaeologists
  • Do your Metal Tools Speak to You? (Khriss & Nazh)
  • The Den of the Survivor (starring Javier DaLeuc and Penelope Portreau)
  • Someone asking for volunteers to test new metal alloys
  • A writing course by the playwright of A Hero for All Ages


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