New Seran

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New Seran
New seran.png
by Isaac Stewart
Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

New Seran is a city in the Elendel Basin. It is located on the very southern edge of the basin, on the rail line through the Seran Range to the Southern Roughs.[1]


The city spans across a series of enormous, flat-topped stone terraces.[2] There are at least a dozen of them, each being separated by multiple streams. These streams cross the terraces and drop off the edge down to the next terrace. The water eventually makes its way back to the river, which flows toward Elendel. These streams make it possible to traverse the city with gondolas. The gondolas are not only used to get from one terrace to another, but also from part of a terrace to another part. However, traveling is not limited to just gondolas. There are ramps for people who would prefer to use a carriage and bridges that allow people to travel on foot.

On average the houses are smaller than those in Elendel. There are only a few apartment buildings; Wax notes only three skyscrapers. Although the terraces constrain the boundaries of the city, it is large enough to hold a sizable population. This leaves room for many parks and streams.

New Seran is loud because of the waterfalls. Wax finds the sound comparable to that of an earthquake or explosion.[2]

Notable Locations and Features[edit]

Copper Gate[edit]

The hotel that Wax and his group stay at. It is run by a woman named Aunt Gin.

The Statue of the Sovereign[edit]

The location of the Bands of Harmony.[3]

Shores Mansion[edit]

A building with stained glass windows. It has limelights burning outside (a classical style of lighting) though the interior looks little like the ancient keeps.[4] It has a multi-peaked roof design, similar to the profile of a mountain.

The mansion is owned by Kelesina Shores, although Hoid also claims ownership.


People wear lighter clothing in New Seran than they do in Elendel. Women typically wear pastel dresses, while men wear striped white suits and boater hats.


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