Kelesina Shores

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Kelesina Shores
Died [1]
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Lady Kelesina Shores was a noble resident of New Seran. She was a collaborator with the Set.

She threw a party which was attended by Waxillium Ladrian and Steris Harms.[2] During the party Wax baited Kelesina into revealing her connection to the Set. He told her he possessed a mysterious coin and knew of some happenings northeast of New Seran. He judged her reaction to this news as alarmed. She fled the party and contacted Mister Suit through a metal box that emitted Suit's voice. When Wax confronted her after learning she was responsible for the Nightstreet Gang's attack on their train, she was shot in the forehead by her Brute maid.[3]

Hoid often sneaks onto the grounds of her mansion and has at least a somewhat reasonable claim that he actually owns it.[4][5]


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