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Aunt Gin
Profession Hotel owner
Residence New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Young lady, you need to get away from these people.

—Gin to Marasi[1]

Aunt Gin owns the Copper Gate, a hotel in New Seran on Scadrial. Waxillium Ladrian and his group stay there in 342 PC.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Aunt Gin is an elderly woman with a rather masculine face. She wears an oversized hat festooned with flowers, and she gets flustered by Wax's group's antics.[1]


Fire? Shoot-outs. Robbery. Hostage situations. Explosions?

—Aunt Gin reading from Steris' list[1]

Aunt Gin escorted Wax and his group up to their suite on the top floor of the hotel, where she said they would have the entire floor to themselves. While she was brushing off Wayne's first attempt at acquiring her hat, Wax stomped by in his mistcoat and asked her if the windows of their suite opened. Turning pale from Wayne's offhand comment about the next time he might be a lady, she told Wax that the windows had been painted shut to keep them from rattling in the wind. She cut herself off with a gasp as Wax started tearing all of the windows open. Wayne tried trading one of his shoes and some of the hotel's peanuts for Gin's hat, but he was interrupted by Steris, who proffered a list of seventeen possible disasters that might befall them while they were staying in the hotel. Gin accepted it with some shock and disbelief. MeLaan entered the room and, to the unease of all humans present, started discussing what size breasts she should wear to the party that night. After MeLaan's bags arrived with her bones, Marasi escorted her out of the room. Aunt Gin tried convincing Marasi, who seemed to be the only other sane person in the room, to leave these crazy people before she got hurt. Marasi brushed aside her concerns and, after asking Gin to put together a list of names of people who work at all of the local graveyards for her, pushed her firmly out the door.[1]

When the group was fleeing New Seran after the events at both the party and the Seran New District Cemetery, they gave Gin a large amount of cash before leaving the hotel. As they were pulling away in their carriage, they heard bells in the distance, and Gin asked Wax if that was the sound of the constables coming. Wax confirmed that it was, and as they rolled away, Steris yelled back at Gin that "framed for murder" was on page seventeen of her list.[2]


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